​GeroInformatics Core

Jonathan D. Wren, Ph.D.


​Jonathan D. Wren, Ph.D.

​Arthritis & Clinical Immunology Research Program

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation 

​Core Overview

The ​GeroInformatics Core of the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center provides support in statistics and bioinformatics for data analysis. The Core is experienced in the processing and analysis of data from microarrays, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, and genomic sequencing and has Ingenuity Pathway Analysis licensed. More importantly, the Core has novel software, developed by Dr. Wren, to assist researchers in discovering and interpreting biological changes that accompany aging.  These software and bioinformatics tools allow investigators to analyze data they have gathered as well as discover new genes and genomic regions relevant to aging using predictive methods. The Core will also provide the following services using software developed by Dr. Wren’s group.  The cost of these services will be based on the time required to complete the project.

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