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How to Submit a Proposal

The Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center on Aging has a rolling policy for submissions of collaborations and requests for grant support. To submit a proposal, simply follow the steps below. Depending on the scope of the proposal or project this step wise process may take a few days to several weeks .

Start by discussing your research or research directions with an Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center scientist before you begin. If you need help, call or contact:

Dr. William E. Sonntag

(405) 271-7622


Dr. Ann Chiao

(405) 271-3116


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    General Procedures & Guidelines

    1. 1
      ​Discuss your research with one of the Core Directors at the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center on Aging. This discussion should involve the specific goals of your project, the dependent variables that need to be assessed and the number of samples that are required to assess differences between treatment groups. The Core Director will provide guidance on the project, costs and approximate timeframes for the research.
    2. 2
      ​Submit your proposal.  If you are requesting support from the Nathan Shock Research Development Core, you will need to submit a formal application (in pdf format). There is no specific deadline for the submission of applications. Generally, the steering committee of the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center will review applications within two (2) weeks.
    • ​Send a formal request to the Director of the Research Development Core stating your request to use core resources. Please include the hypothesis and specific aims of your project, the specific Oklahoma Nathan Shock resources that are requested, the number of samples that will be analyzed and an approximate timeframe.
    • ​Include your current NIH biosketch with Other Support. 
    • ​Attach a one (1) paragraph statement on how this research will impact your future directions in aging research. Requests should be sent to:

    William E. Sonntag, PhD
    Professor and Director, Reynolds Oklahoma Center on Aging
    University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
    975 NE 10 th Street SLY-BRC-1303
    Oklahoma City, OK, 73104

    1. 3
      ​Wait for approval from the Nathan Shock Center on Aging Steering Committee. The Director of the Research Development Core will contact you within 2 weeks to discuss your request and potential support from the Research Development Core.
    2. 4
      ​Contact the Oklahoma Shock Center Core Director to initiate planning for your approved project.
    3. 5
      ​Send your samples to us and wait for analyses.
    4. 6
      ​The Shock Center Core Director will contact you to discuss results and provide further advice.
    5. 7
      ​Submit your project summary.
    6. 8
      ​Complete the Satisfaction Survey.

    ​Need More Information?

    ​If you have a Question​ or need More Information about our services, please send ​us your request and we will contact you soon