Research Development Core Grants

How to Submit a Proposal

Registration is currently closed.  Applications will

re-open in August 2024.

The deadline for pilot grant proposals from the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center on Aging is
October 10, 2022. To submit a proposal, simply follow the steps below. Depending on the scope of the proposal or project this step wise process may take a few days to several weeks .

Start by discussing your research or research directions with an Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center scientist before you begin. If you need help, call or contact:

Dr. Ann Chiao

Assistant Member

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

(405) 271-3116

General Procedures & Guidelines

The Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center is soliciting applications to support the research of junior investigators developing R01 applications and senior investigators developing new applications to the NIH in the Biology of Aging. The projects should utilize the specific services provided by the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Cores as described on the website for the Multiplexing Protein Analysis Core, Genomic Sciences Core, GeroScience Redox Biology Core, GeroInformatics Core, or the Geropathology Service in the Program Enhancement Core.  The awards are generally between $5,000 and $20,000 depending on the specific needs of the applicant. Applications from institutions outside of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center are strongly encouraged.

Deadlines and Award Dates

All Applications Due: October 2024

Award Date: November 1, 2024

Funding Period: November 1 - May 31, 2025

Application must include:

  • Page 1:  Title page with PI and institution contact information.
  • Page 2:  Hypothesis and specific aims of the project.
  • Page 3:  The specific Oklahoma Nathan Shock resources that are requested, the number of samples that will be analyzed and an approximate timeframe for completion of the studies.  Please contact core leaders before submission of the application to discuss project details.
  • Page 4:  A one (1) paragraph statement on how this research will impact your future directions in aging research and timeframe for the submission of manuscripts and/or grant applications.
  • Page 5-9:  Current NIH Biosketch including other support.

Application Submission

Submit your formal application as a SINGLE pdf file in the proposal form.

For more information, please refer to the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center website.

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