​Genomic Sciences Core

​Willard "Bill" Freeman, Ph.D.


​Willard "Bill" Freeman, Ph.D.

​Reynolds Oklahoma Center on Aging

​Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

​Core Overview

​The ​Genomic Sciences Core (​GSC) of the Oklahoma Nathan Shock Center provides researchers with state-of-the-art novel technologies that we have developed to address fundamental questions of how genomes change with age. DNA modifications (cytosine methylation, mC, and cytosine hydroxymethylation, hmC) are a major epigenetic regulator of gene expression.  DNA modification patterns change with aging, and these changes can be caused by a wide variety of environmental stimuli at any point in the lifespan.  Alternatively, mutations and deletions in the mitochondrial genome (mtDNA) accumulation with age have been reported for some time, but the field has struggled because assays have lacked locating information and have limited quantitative accuracy. The Genomic Sciences Core provides Geroscience researchers with unique assays of DNA modifications and mtDNA heteroplasmy typically not present in individual laboratories or institutional core faclities.

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