Geroscience Redox Biology Core


The Geroscience Redox Biology (GRB) Core provides investigators with a coordinated and comprehensive evaluation of the molecules, pathways, and systems that contribute to oxidative metabolism and oxidative stress These analyses include state of the art measures of redox and energy balance as well as oxidative damage, reactive oxygen species production and mitochondrial function that are all critical players in aging and age-related disease.

Redox Status

Changes in redox status can have a major impact on cellular and physiologic processes and are believed to underlie many functional decrements associated with the aging process. Cellular energy production and survival depends upon a series of oxidation/reduction reactions. These reactions can give rise to free radical and pro-oxidant species that can act as regulatory molecules and induce oxidative damage. Thus, the redox potential of a cell is a reflection of multiple interacting molecules and biological processes that influence both oxidant production and removal and ultimately cellular homeostasis.

Oxidative Damage: Oxidative damage in lipids, DNA, and proteins will be measured by the levels of F2-isoprostanes (lipid peroxidation) and protein carbonyls.

Mitochondrial Function In Cells & Tissue

The Core provides investigators with services to measure mitochondrial function (oxidant generation, ATP production, respiration) as well as energy charge (ATP, ADP, and AMP) in fresh tissue samples or isolated mitochondria. This includes in vitro analyses of mitochondrial function in isolated mitochondria, respirometry analysis in fresh tissue using the Oroborus respirometer, as well as measurement of mitochondrial function in cells using the Seahorse XF24 Extracellular Flux Analyzer. While energy status can be measured on flash frozen tissues/cells, assays of mitochondria function must be performed with fresh tissue/cells or freshly-isolated mitochondria.

Core Leaders

Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D.


Kenneth Humphries, Ph.D.


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