GeroScience Redox Biology Core

Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D.


Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D.

Aging and Metabolism Research Program

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Core Overview

Cellular homeostasis and survival depend upon a series of oxidation/reduction reactions that regulate the redox environment. This environment is composed of multiple interacting processes in the mitochondria and other cellular compartments that influence both oxidant production and removal and ultimately modulate oxidative damage and cellular homeostasis. Redox status and oxidant homeostasis have a major impact on physiologic processes underlying aging and dysregulation of redox homeostasis can contribute to a number of age-related diseases, including diabetes, cancer and neurodegenerative disease. The Geroscience Redox Biology (GRB) Core provides investigators with a coordinated and comprehensive evaluation of the molecules, pathways, and systems that contribute to oxidative metabolism and oxidative stress These analyses include state of the art measures of redox and energy balance as well as oxidative damage, reactive oxygen species production and mitochondrial function that are all critical players in aging and age-related disease.

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